Age: 28

Location: Leeds

Followers: 12.5k

Fitness and skincare obsessive Emily, went through a lifestyle transformation a few years ago, turning her new health and fitness knowledge into a successful blog. Here she gives advice on skincare, nutrition and training. She’s featured in the Huffington Post, ELLE magazine and Vogue online. Her passion is to inspire women to believe they can achieve whatever they want in life.




Age: 24

Location: London

Followers: 32k

Living life in London, Brad enjoys bottomless brunches, blasting a leg workout and is always on the lookout for exciting events. Brad’s business lifestyle working in the property industry sometimes makes time to train difficult, however Brad always motivates himself to maintain good body health and HIIT is a key part of his regime enabling him to exploit the benefits within this tight time schedules. His presence is all about positive self-image and having fun whilst finding the time to put in the effort.




Age: 27

Location: Somerset

Followers: 13.6k

Pollyanna is a keen health, fitness and well-being blogger, marketer and weightlifter. Pollyanna has been a competitive swimmer, athlete, bikini fitness contestant and much more. Now Pollyanna is throwing all of her energy and focus into Olympic Weightlifting, blogging, and travel, with the moto “to be authentic and as real as possible”. Pollyanna uses HIIT along with her other forms of exercise to keep herself in peak physical condition. 




Age: 20

Location: Farnborough

Followers: 4.7k


The youngest of our Ambassadors, Holly is an accountant, vegan and all rounded fitness enthusiast. She is extremely dedicated to the idea of health, always thinking not just about physical exercise but also nutrition and what she puts in her body. She showcases just what vegans can eat and how to train to supplement that. Keen on body weighted exercises, HIIT is the perfect method for her to stay in shape and she utilises it both at home and in the gym.




Age: 25

Location: Hampshire

Followers: 6.2k


Frankie is our bikini athlete. Having placed 2nd in the UKBFF Junior British Bikini Finals in 2015, Frankie now turns her attention to aesthetics and competition advice, using HIIT as a key tool. She is always looking to beat her PB's and inspire others to do so also. As a vegan, Frankie proves there is power in the plants.